Zeljikna (Zel)

Half-Orc mercenary of questionable morals


A half-orc mercenary, she looks to protect herself and holds her reputation in high regard. Not one to worry much for what the job is as long as it pays well, she will really only take issue with anything that could be viewed as a slight to her working reputation.

Born into a world where she was always assumed to be stupid, she quickly became accustomed to manipulating those around her to achieve what she wanted. Not to say she doesn’t have the physical prowess to accomplish things in the …ehem traditional…methods of her orc relatives, she just also like to work smarter rather then harder where possible.

From a young age she realized that she was far more intelligent then her father and his clan to whom she was raised with. She went through the process of learning all she could in regards to combat and survival, but quite young she struck out one her own to learn from others. As a parting gift she was given an Orc Double Axe that her grandfather had taken as a trophy from a formidable enemy. Soon she learned how much others, wanting to seem smart, will preach to those they deem less intelligent…for free. She was able to learn much in the way of survival, foraging, navigation, and the skills of negotiating business for almost no effort or expense.

Zeljikna (Zel)

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